All deleted tweets from politicians

Passionate about #running #kitesurfing #entrepreneurship #politics MBA graduate @vlerick Elected member of Flemish Parliament

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RT @hartigan_connor: My letter to President Puigdemont @KRLS. I told him that no matter how alone he feels, he has millions of friends around the world, and that he will get through this. “No estàs sol.”

RT @davymaes1991: Werk aan de winkel voor @peeters_kris1 . Verandering voor vooruitgang, met Vlaanderen voorop! @philippemuyters @de_NVA.…

RT @realDonaldTrump: If the Democrats would stop being obstructionists and come together, we could write up and agree to new immigration laws in less than one hour. Look at the needless pain and suffering that they are causing. Look at the horrors taking place on the Border. Chuck & Nancy, call me!

RT @realDonaldTrump: Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be a great governor. He has been successful at whatever he has done, and has prepared for this very difficult and complex job for many years. He has my Strong Endorsement. His opponent is totally unqualified. Would destroy a great state!