All deleted tweets from politicians

Een standbeeld. Voor Johan Cruyff. In Amsterdam. Bij de Johan Cruyff Arena. Da’s logisch. ❤️ #demanverdienteenstandbeeld

RT @Our_DA: I therefore again call on all South Africans to visit the DA’s websites at or and co-sign our open letter to President Ramaphosa, calling on him to address their plight. - @DKB20 #FarmAttacks

RT @solomonmaila2: TOMORROW THIS TIME, John Steenhuisen will be the DA’s Interim Federal Leader and Dr Ivan Meyer, the Interim Federal Chairperson. I have the fullest confidence in these two skilled and capable leaders. There is no doubt that the DA will be in safe hands with them at the helm. Ta!

RT @Leon_Schreib: With government now dangerously doubling down on a hard lockdown, where is everyone who said the DA’s Smart Lockdown plan was “obvious” and desperately claimed to know it was exactly what Ramaphosa “intended”?

Philip Dexter has eventually caught on to the DA’s smart lockdown but says ‘However, this should not be for the reasons given by DA leader, John Steenhuisen’ and then goes on to give exactly the same reasons as @jsteenhuisen in his opinion piece. Bizarre really.

RT @MarkSwilling: In light of what is coming over the next two decades, the DA’s determination to destroy Cape Town’s food security will be regarded as the greatest...…

RT @Our_DA: The DA’s Federal Executive has resolved to make a financial contribution of R1.5 million to the Solidarity Fund to assist small businesses in distress as a result of #Covid19inSA. The contribution is drawn from the salaries of DA public representatives.…

Pesten, da’s een aanslag op je #zelfvertrouwen & een litteken voor de rest van je leven. Daar maak ik graag mee een vuist tegen #weektegenpesten #stipit

@AMakuyana @ChingweMuchi @jsteenhuisen DA Members of Parliament the Parliamentary Leader. So the DA’s caucus in Parliament elects their Caucus Leader. In the same way all DA caucuses do so from Councils to Legislatures across the country do so for their respective caucus. Please ask if you don’t know.

RT @bluspoeier: RT @bluspoeier: Da’s ook de bedoeling van Haha Day dacht ik.…