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MP for Tunbridge Wells. Chair of Science & Technology Select Committee. I don’t respond on Twitter - constituents please contact me through my website.

AndrewLamingMP Pollie, eye guy, lapsed travel writer. Don’t be offended. Twitter’s a dumpster. I tweet in via facebook &never log in

Cooper is drookit. And the kitchen floor is VERY wet too. Pics don’t do it justice.

RT @DrGABaines: @CSOL14441 @RobertSyms You don’t have to go - it isn’t mandatory. My point more so that establishments this side of the border will lose out.

RT @RahulGandhi: RT @RahulGandhi: Facts don’t lie. BJP says: Make in India. BJP does: Buy from China.

@MikeLiggins Now you don’t get home brew.

RT @sahouraxo: RT @sahouraxo: Barack Obama is a war criminal. And so are you. That is what we don’t say enough.…

RT @Partisangirl: RT @Partisangirl: So everything #JulianAssange said about fearing US extradition was right. Don’t forget the people that mocked this. https…

RT @haughey_clare: RT @haughey_clare: Please do support your local businesses, but don’t be like David, wear a face covering when shopping

I don’t want to keep doing this @ScotTories but yet again another councillor willing to flout the public health guidelines of @scotgov . This is reckless and irresponsible. #staysafe #protectothers #SaveLives

RT @pokeefe1: RT @pokeefe1: Jose not playing ◽ in case he scores and Levy says you don’t need a striker

RT @SocialistSunDog: @GloriaDePiero Exactly Gloria. We don’t challenge election results. This was promised to be a once in a lifetime referendum, that was drummed in from the start of this campaign. What says if we had another referendum and remain won, leave wouldn’t have the right to a 3rd vote.