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RT @StephenWatt_: As I see it Scottish Labour has two big advantages over the SNP i.e. the trade unions and a still energised (and enlarged) activist base. If we spend 2020 strengthening and growing both the unions and our activist base, we will be a much more formidable force come 2021.

RT @ognittis37: @georgegalloway @michaelgove @afneil @Alliance4Unity The one thing they have always feared. I.e., that the silent majority put aside their differences and unite against Nationalism

RT @NavroopSingh_: Thread by @NavroopSingh_: Several Questions arise on what was the research going on for Development of SARS-CoV2 i.e. Covid-19 or what we calnavirus or #CCPVirus ! Lets glance through scientific research going through the time lines.…

RT @reema_omer: This is so unfortunate. Pakistan has an obligation to implement ICJ’s directions i.e. to provide effective review + reconsideration of Jadhav’s conviction/sentence, respecting principles of fair trial Fair trial isn’t “relief” - it is the right of every person accused of a crime

Sadananda Gowda (india) tweeted :

Consumer Protection Act, 2019 comes into force i.e. 20th July 2020. Consumer Protection Act 2019 will be a significant tool in protecting consumer rights; provides for simplifying the consumer dispute adjudication process and introduces the concept of product liability.

RT @saahilmenghani: 👉Antibody tests repeatedly done over time i.e. sero-surveillance, gives evidence for assessing corona's spread from time to time 👉Blood samples were collected from selected individuals & were tested using COVID KAVACH ELISA 👉These test provide info about past infections 3/3

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Anyone with brains, i.e. with some mathematical capability, understands that mass-testing is the fastest way out of the #COVIDー19 crisis. It's sad we need Oxford to confirm that.

@barelyjoshua This is a Lib Dem *amendment* i.e. a suggestion by a minor party; not a government proposal.

RT @LewisFeilder: Change UK is now officially the most misleadingly named party in the UK. They want to keep us in the EU - i.e. the opposite of change. They have narrowly pipped at the post the Liberal Democrats, who are neither liberal nor democratic.…

RT @gabriel_zucman: Sorry, @GroverNorquist, but you'll need to update your defense. This chart shows the effective tax rate, i.e., the dollar amount of taxes collected divided by pre-tax income, for each group of the population. This graph is one of the key novelty of our book out next week…